CodeBuilder is an easy to use app for iOS which can create QR-Codes, Aztec-Codes and Datamatrix.

Within only three steps you get your code:

  1. Enter text
  2. Choose the type of your code
  3. Create the code

The generated code can be exported into a PDF document, which is ideal for sharing or printing.


Which OS are supported by CodeBuilder?

At the moment CodeBuilder is only available for iOS, versions for other OS will be released soon.

How much does CodeBuilder cost?

CodeBuilder is free to download and to use. Sometimes, during the creation of codes, ads will be displayed. If you want to use CodeBuilder without ads you can purchase a one-time In-App purchase in the apps settings. After that no more ads will be shown.

Which data is collected by CodeBuilder?

CodeBuilder itself does not send any data over the internet.

CodeBuilder is a free app which sometimes shows you some ads. In order to provide the app with ads, some data (like your IP-Adress) is sent to third party services. After removing the ads via the optionally In-App Purchase no data will be sent to third party services.